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Autonomous Forklift

1> Autonomous Navigation without special infra. 
2>Autonomous Load pickup with 10 mm accuracy
3> Hazard and Obstruction detection and management

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Secure OS

Endpoint Securing Solution to provide for safe computing anywhere
1> Only signed binaries and scripts permitted
2> Self Verification for detection modifications in OS
3>Policy driven Application kernel interface
4>Zero Signature OS
4> Secondary Storage Seclusion

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Malware Scanner
Phishing Scanner

1> AI based Static Scanners
2> Dynamic Scanners based on our proprietary Sandbox
3> Detects the hardest of Malware
4> LLM based phishing detection
4> Self learning system keeps system improving

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About the Founder

Rahul Tayal has 18 years of industry experience in building Defence and Enterprise Systems. He has worked on prestigious projects like CMS system for India's first Aircraft carrier Vikrant as Principal Architect, to helping  UIDAI in building next generation Security systems.

He has a passion for technology and coding and has a strong focus on Autonomous vehicles, drones and Security Systems 

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